michael cera is the best person alive and no one can tell me otherwise

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Phoenix AZ, 16/9

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Grey’s Anatomy: 

In which the gay doctors are very gay.

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Someone had mentioned to me that Gaga knew of my stuff. I was just completely overwhelmed by that. I wrote her an email basically just saying, ‘I remember being a 17-year-old, queuing up for your concert, dreaming up doing this, and being in the music industry.’

And the thing I admire most about Lady Gaga was the hustle and what she did to get into the industry. And I just ran with it saying, ‘Thank you so much for inspiring me to do this because the reason why I’m here now is partly because of you.’ And she seemed touched.

Sam Smith about Gaga (via thatxlavenderxblonde)
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free her

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I just really thought to myself; why wait any longer? Because you’re all I want. You’ve been all I ever wanted and I honestly don’t see why we’re waiting anymore.

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